We make “eternal” front panels and other stickers

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June 8, 2022
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June 9, 2022

After that, it becomes much darker and denser in the light. In the manufacture of various electronic devices, the question often arises of the design of the front panels – all sorts of labels for buttons / indicators, etc. In this publication, I want to talk about a method that I have been successfully using for a very long time. As a variation of the method – printing on self-adhesive labels and sticking on top of the front side with transparent tape or laminating film. The solvent must be matched to your toner. The method is good, for example, for receiving inscriptions on the aluminum panel of the amplifier. Well, so that it is on the back of the film after gluing. Another method I have tried and written about is the solder mask. We will need: It is somewhat time consuming, but personally I like the results, and some stickers have been working for many years. I like the mixture 646 647. First, draw the front panel(s). This method is good for indoor use and requires the edges of the laminated sticker to be hidden under the cabinet or otherwise protected from scuffing and ingress of moisture, grease, etc. The nuances are the same.

We make "eternal" front panels and other stickers

The only caveat is that it is desirable that the sticker be with light inscriptions on a black background. However, I believe in the existence of printers without this unpleasant defect. WARNING! this is NOT a review, this is a DIY community! We place the printed film for half an hour in solvent vapors to compact the toner. – laser printer At the same time, it requires “debugging technology” – scalpel, scissors, tweezers, ruler… Well, we print this picture on the printer in mirror image. – multi-colored self-adhesive, can be replaced with multi-colored packaging tape (if we want multi-colored inscriptions). I use If the stickers are not colored, then we glue white double-sided tape on the drawing (it will set the color of the inscriptions, so it is advisable https://jiji.ng/279-mixers/bajaj to choose as white and opaque as possible), cut it out – and that’s basically it. – film for this printer Because when printing on a laser printer, halos very often occur on film, which will look sloppy. – thinner 646/647 I pour it into the bottom of a 5l bottle of water or glass washer and hang the film on tape, closing the lid. I use a method in which the sticker is almost not afraid of external influences. – double-sided THIN adhesive tape. ideally two – white and transparent
The easiest and most logical way seems to be laminating the printout and then sticking it on double-sided tape. – tinted film (if we want tinted windows for indicators)

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