VICTON Members Character: VICTON Greatest Types, VICTON Situations VICTON (??) try a-south Korean man category significantly less than Ist und bleibt Activities

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VICTON Members Character: VICTON Greatest Types, VICTON Situations VICTON (??) try a-south Korean man category significantly less than Ist und bleibt Activities

The group contains eight professionals: Seungwoo, Seungsik, Chan, Sejun, Hanse, Byungchan, and you may Subin

Stage Term: Seungsik (??) Birth Name: Kang Seung Sik (???) Position: Commander, Fundamental Artist Birthday celebration: April 16, 1995 Zodiac Indication: Aries Top: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 65 kilogram (143 pounds) Blood type: An effective Nationality: Southern Korean MBTI Type: ISFJ Associate Emoji: ??/?? Instagram:

When you are dinner with her at dormitory I do want to introduce ‘this is how I live’

Seungsik Activities: – He was created in the Gyeonggi State, South Korea. – Seungsik is actually named the brand new frontrunner off Victon when Seungwoo started producing with X1. – His nickname is Mommy. – Younger members wish tease him. – Superstar he desires run: Break. – Something he could be in search of: Creating, he could be currently learning it detailed. – The guy dislikes cucumbers. – His unique activity are cleansing the place. ( Issue) – His book section: “Compared to my direct, I do believe my shoulder is a little piece heavier.” (inches and balanced diet. ( Issue) – His favorite color are black. – Seungsik snores a lot. – They have the new habit of awakening away from bed subconsciously and you may start walking, as opposed to remembering how it happened. – The guy does the latest ”dirty work” additionally the undesired employment within VICTON. – To possess Seungsik, his most glamorous trait was their eyes smile. – The guy has no a religion. – Something he jdate vs jswipe features really does in advance of sleeping: Skin care, answering water into the a beneficial humidifier, eating things perfect for their throat. ( Issue) – His value: His studies journal, and then he blogged daily during his studies period. ( Issue) – Decisions as he will get crazy: “My own body gets intense. Yet not, I simply stand nonetheless instead of considering one thing.” ( Issue) – Their character design are B2ST’s Yang Yoseob. – Seungsik has taken along side Frontrunner updates immediately after Seungwoo started their products having X1. – Seungsik’s top type: Woman just who attends school diligently. ( Issue) Tell you alot more Seungsik fun facts…

Stage Label: Seungwoo (??) Delivery Name: Han Seung Woo (???) Position: Lead Rapper, Head Vocalist, Lead Dancer Birthday celebration: December twenty four, 1994 Zodiac Signal: Capricorn Top: 184 cm (6’0?) Weight: 63 kilogram (139 weight) Blood type: B Nationality: Southern area Korean MBTI Form of: ISFJ Affiliate Emoji: ?? Instagram:

Seungwoo Issues: – He was the original Leader of Victon, however, gave up the career after X1‘s disbandment. – He was created into the Busan, South Korea. – He has got 2 older sisters, one of them is additionally preferred, Secret‘s Han Sunrays-hwa. – His nicknames was: Seunggu, SixPacks, Master – He planned to feel a basketball player. – Something he is searching for: composing, creating lyrics, BigBang, hanging out alone, training – Their novel point is that he is able to do just about anything by himself. The guy keeps dinner by yourself, he as well as ran watching video clips by yourself. Also meat meal and you may karaoke was you are able to. ( Issue) – Seungwoo enjoys step three tattoos: that to the his shoulder (his birthday celebration into the Roman numerals), one-one their collarbone (“don’t secure myself up”), plus one towards the their inner case (vegetation and crescent moon). – His unique talent is imitating brand new sound regarding Pikachu. – He or she is a good Buddhist. – The guy enjoys meats jerky. ( Issue) – Seungwoo ‘s the most effective person in VICTON. – He loves to create things alone (Eating, Leaving, Jogging and you may Taking walks). – The guy enjoys beer. – Seungwoo is also imitate brand new sound off goats. – Seungwoo loves fighting styles. – His lifetime priorities: step one. Themselves 2. Their family and friends, the folks to him step 3. His upcoming ( Issue) – If you were given step three desires: “Unfold the long term whenever i like to. Family members’ wellness. Me which have the latest advancements informal.” ( Issue) – Decisions when you get aggravated: “Hold-back, keep back, and keep back. Certainly wait until the conclusion.” ( Issue) – Someone we want to receive on the dormitory: “Nearest and dearest. ” ( Issue) – He extremely detests bugs and dust. – Superstars he desires run: G-Dragon, APink, Huhgak – His character habits was G-Dragon and you will Taeyang. – Seungwoo try proven to be the fresh sports one out of the group. – Seungwoo and you will Byungchan is actually contestants to the Build X 101. – The guy ended Build X 101 to your 3rd Rank and you may was area regarding X1. – Into the the guy enrolled from the army. – Seungwoo’s most useful particular: “Lady you to my personal cardiovascular system visits however, also instead of myself knowing.” ( Issue) Want to know more and more Seungwoo? Here are some his complete profile…

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