Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit

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July 26, 2022
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September 1, 2023

We insert the battery and finally start the device. I have doubts that someone will buy our box in order to soar on evaporators. When removing the nut, a not very pleasant moment is found – the nut in a twisted state protrudes above the mod, it seems not very critical, and the stock drip type will cover everything, but when using its own diesel engines, it may not look very aesthetically pleasing. (we will write down in nuances). -Inconvenient airflow adjustment By the way, the “reviewer of all Russia” mentioned that the same box is planned for release, but with a complete base of his authorship … I put it back together … As for the serviced tank: I was quite satisfied with the taste, although it was initially clear here, since this type of blowing always gave good taste and detail.
Looking ahead: this oring does not allow liquid to ooze, but does not want to hold the base and the cartridge together. Additional hex screws are good, but
hex wrench was not included. 3. The fire button is not tight, the click is pleasant enough.
-Good flavor RBA 2. Out of the box, we received a device with a rich set, ready to run by both a novice and an advanced user; compatible with many atomizers made for the Billet box; supporting all popular battery formats; and most importantly with a low price. -Quality of materials and workmanship
It may seem to someone that the device is large, but apparently this is a subjective factor, and people with large "paws" will be fine. The device also implemented the possibility of customization, it is possible to replace the button, the inner frame. And the oring on the base almost does not hold the base on the cartridge (this is a minus), therefore, to do some manipulations with a refilled cartridge is dangerous, there is a risk of filling everything up, or removing the refilled cartridge in the inverted state of the mod. Holes for laying cotton wool are small.
Our base is rackless, as we casually like to say: the airflow is made in the form of a “colander” (or “sieve” they also say), but Vandy Vape calls it Curved airflow, which probably sounds very entertaining to the Polish ear. Resistance supported: 0.05 – 3.0Ω The product was provided for writing a review by the store. -Noisy inhaling
Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
Charging port: Type-C, charging current 1A Other firms are not far behind, as the saying goes, "strike while the iron is hot." By the way, the lateral location of the working button is the most convenient for me. -Price Power: 5 – 80W We do not seem to be launching an MTL atomizer. On the pin of the base there is an air intake adjustment ring, it is inconvenient to adjust it with the tank inserted, but in any case, we set it up once and don’t touch it further, only it’s better to adjust it, of course, before refueling (see above). In the hole for the cartridge we see a pin, which, by the way, is adjusted with a slotted screwdriver. There are more and more fans of "boxed" AIO systems lately.

Vandy Vape Pulse AIO Kit

For example, SOURCEMORE.COM offers a device for $56.99< /b> (with promo code
PAIOK). — Vessel tank (cartridge on evaporators), replaceable evaporators 2pcs 0.3 / 0.6Ω (one pre-installed) -Good performance of the board -Support for 18650/20700/21700 battery formats
The dome has a spherical processing, the grooves are located on the sides of the dome. – screwdriver, wrench, ladder for cutting coils Result: The device was quite successful. A few technical characteristics: -Convenient to use maintenance base – Type-C cable — Vessel RBA tank I really like this moment
that no adapters and adapters are needed for burning. I unscrewed the nut, pulled out the cartridge and suddenly the base fell out of it … Overflow and condensate were also not detected. Therefore, the presence of a maintenance-free cartridge leads to an increase in the cost of the device. We return to our box. The installation of the spiral is convenient (especially if the spiral is cut using a “ladder”, the manufacturer recommends us step number 6), blowing in the “sieve” format, the installation is provided for spirals wound both “clockwise” and “counterclockwise”. The board works quite adequately, I didn’t notice any delays, when you press it five times to turn it off, the board manages to work (that is, it heats up, as happens with most devices) The resistance reads honestly, the power also gives out honest. Perhaps many more compare the experimental with the same Billet box (whose boro tanks are compatible with the monitored device) or Dotaio, which are smaller in size, but they do not support 21700 batteries either. Weight: 136.5 gr. The only nuance of the device is perhaps more impressive dimensions for the sake of compatibility with more capacious batteries. Complete set Pre-wound spirals – a monofilament of 0.4 nichrome, on a frame 2.5 mm. Operating mode: VW, TC (NI200, SS, TI), TCR, VV, BYPASS – adapter for 18650 battery -Rich package contents – spare orings, spare screws Meet the Vandy Vape Pulse AIO. Dotaio (as it seemed to me) activated the second wave of popularity of the mentioned systems. To burn the base, this ring is unscrewed. Dimensions: 87.8 x 56 x 28.2mm
So, let’s try it. Protections: against low / high resistance, against overheating, against short circuit, against overcharging / overdischarging Color options: photo by link to store website The screen of the device is small, but the displayed information is quite enough, in any case it will be hidden by the door. There is an interest to try how the device will behave on builds with a 3 mm on the right. The equipment is quite rich (mentioned above in the text), I don’t see the point in describing it in detail, but I would like to dwell on some points: — PULSE AIO mod — pre-wound coils 2pcs Why. Watts switch one at a time, there is no circular scrolling. We also received a TYPE-C charging connector, which is good news. To remove the cartridge, you need to take the “key” and unscrew the male nut from the top of the mod. Borobers in general (which is still in the project). Control chip: Vandychip At first glance, the appearance of the device is pretty, assembled quite well, I was especially pleased with the absence of play in the side doors (and this is a very common disease in devices with side doors). But I didn’t really like the plus and minus buttons, they somehow merge with the inner frame, do not stick out much, and are not very comfortable. -Possibility of customization Well, maybe some newcomer will take on the growth. – user manual, warranty card In the process of hovering starvation, no squishing was observed, the spiral was used on a rim 2.5 mm. Cartridge capacity: 3.7 ml (serviceable Vessel cartridge) RBA) / 5.0 ml (maintenance free Vessel Tank) The refill strap on the cartridge is tenacious, it is convenient to open. Are you seriously. -Compatibility with Billet box format tanks The puff is noisy, and the main noise comes not from the air intake in the serviced base, but from the air intake holes of the mod itself, which, by the way, can be covered with your fingers (it all depends on your grip). Case material: plastic with metal elements Therefore, you choose … P.S.
The board is controlled, as always, by standard key combinations for all mods: 3xFire – change the operating mode (Variwatt, varivolt, thermal control, Bypass); – – firmware info,
puff counter, TCR mode setting; Fire – key lock; Fire- – flip the screen. -Weak fixation of the base on the cartridge Back to fashion. We removed the cartridge. Personally, in my opinion, the device is tactilely comfortable and lies pleasantly in the hand, nothing crashes into the hand. (well, at least in my opinion). The solution is already classic, but for me it’s not very convenient, because for manipulations with the cartridge, this nut must always be turned, since you can crawl almost everything – from a spoon to a small coin. Let’s take a look at a serviceable cartridge. Why. Power: 1 18650 battery (via adapter) / 20700 / 21700

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