They allowed your to give “Lancer” the fresh attributes from “Utopia”, allowing it to ruin “Volcasaurus” and assault in person toward profit

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They allowed your to give “Lancer” the fresh attributes from “Utopia”, allowing it to ruin “Volcasaurus” and assault in person toward profit

Shark and Kite one another chatted a small about their connection to Yuma, and you will Shark would not bring Yuma’s the answer to him

Having each of their actions countered and with the look of “Matter 19: Freezadon”, hence gave “Volcasaurus” the Overlay Gadgets straight back, Shark and you can Yuma had been forced toward a large part. Once Summoning “Utopia” and achieving it made incapable of attack of the Chills’ “Avalanche”, Yuma utilized their perception to safeguard Shark regarding attacks which would has actually brought about Shark to shed. Shortly after with “Utopia” together with newly Summoned “Black Beam Lancer” lost because of the “Volcasaurus” (avoiding losing because of the “Damage Diet”), Shark narrowly hinders shedding of an immediate attack making use of the trap “Finally Providing”, end the battle Stage and providing Yuma “Armored Xyz”. After getting rid of Chills by pushing your to make use of his “Compensation Replace” Pitfall, and therefore stored “Volcasaurus” by firmly taking ruin equal to the ATK, Yuma put “Beast Reborn” to displace Shark’s “Black Ray Lancer” and you may permit they towards “Armored Xyz” Shark had entrusted so you’re able to him earlier. Later, Shark mentioned you to definitely their card managed to boost Yuma’s online game, allowing him to save they ahead of cheerful and walking out-of. [19]

When Tori is actually trying to ask someone regarding “Number” notes, she ran towards Shark, exactly who shared with her you to she cannot try those individuals cards and they are things that neither of them would be to understand in detail. [43] 1 day at school, Shark watched Yuma running through the fresh hallways and are entertained because of the it, leaving comments just how “hot-headed” he is. Mr. Kay appeared in front side off him, declaring his save Shark efficiency to college. He shrugged your off and started to walk aside, but eliminated immediately following the guy stated how much cash Shark changed immediately after appointment Yuma. Shark listened to Mr. Kay describing Yuma’s “sun-like” power, but keeps his cool whenever asked their viewpoint and you can guides aside. On the top, Shark questioned exactly what Mr. Watching Orbital seven under a garbage can moving underneath him and you will follow it with the boys’ locker space in the gym. Shark witness Orbital seven attempted to inexpensive the newest Emperor’s Trick, however, the guy retrieved it and you may try chased inside the college or university because of the the latest bot.

Only when Orbital seven was about so you’re able to kill your that have an excellent bore, Kite Tenjo strolled inside the and you will named a stop. Just after reading Kite speak about the latest “Numbers” notes, Shark understood he or she is the “Matter Huntsman” immediately after which lied to help you Kite on having a great “Number” cards, then a beneficial Duel was started across the palms over Emperor’s Secret. Shark was convinced throughout the their Deck’s new Anti-“Numbers” means, and this turned-out productive against Yuma. But not, the guy nevertheless wished to has actually an effective “Number”, so he desired to deal Kite’s “Numbers”, however, Kite seen it and you can used “Matter 30: Acidic Golem of Depletion” to make sure that the undesireable effects destroy Shark as he takes they. Shark appreciated you to Yuma would never stop trying, grasped the main and proceeded new Duel. Whenever Shark destroyed, the guy apologized so you can Yuma becoming that he didn’t manage the newest Emperor’s Secret. Shark’s heart are removed because of the Photon Give, leading to your so you can he years most and start to become comatose. But not, Kite is surprised that soul did not has actually an excellent “Number” cards, but nonetheless got his spirit when Yuma turned up [14]

Kay told you about Yuma, resulting in your so you can look

Shark was then handled in the hospital, are look after because of the Mr. Kay. Immediately after Astral and Yuma draw with Kite in the an effective Duel, he made a decision to release Shark’s spirit as he was not a beneficial “Number” manager. He awoke on the health afterwards and you will is actually told through Mr. Kay you to definitely Yuma protected your. [20]

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