Robin was to begin with the only real member of the fresh team to have zero deal with-defects

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April 5, 2022
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April 5, 2022

Robin was to begin with the only real member of the fresh team to have zero deal with-defects

Despite Robin’s capacity to cope with the new unconventional, she is struggling to take in the thought of Dwarves, and you may happened to be surprised of the their characteristics regarding easily thinking some body, something she always humor from while Luffy can it. Although not, just after arriving at Dressrosa, her high improvement in identity starts to introduce in itself. Robin has because the indicated several facefaults demonstrating that the woman is zero stretched the latest stoic, uncompromising private she was once. Robin has also been overcome with feelings at sight regarding Kanjuro’s Nobori Ryu strategy, which lead a pitiful-searching dragon one to she discovered to be overwhelmingly sexy to the point away from blushing, who the team soon called “Ryunosuke”. She try recon quizzes passionate to tears at the their commendable work so you can go up Zou’s hind feet to reach the top, having difficulties because of its feeble has actually, then honored their memory when it turned-back to the a beneficial attracting and you may ceased are “alive” by setting flowers toward their “grave” where they had reverted so you’re able to attracting function.


Before the Enies Lobby Arch, Robin often made an effort to distance herself from other anybody, even their partners, since the she realized you to definitely she was destined to get-off her or him sooner otherwise after. Due to the fact their very first bounty, Robin got always come deceived because of the someone she stumbled on trust; they all aroused her in the interest of money. This is why, Robin grabbed a jaded view on somebody rather than most leading people. Even before she registered, Robin was most intrigued of hobby and you may possible of your own Straw Cap staff (perhaps as their captain is actually one of the few members of the nation into center intial D, while the giant who protected the woman). Although these people were enemies, Robin never ever acted hostile otherwise agressive on the any of the team. She also became withholding in order to their Baroque Works allies, never informing them of one’s identity regarding Sanji exactly who she understood at the Whiskey Top; hence lead on their eliminate in the Local casino, and you may protecting Luffy from are hidden regarding desert immediately following the guy are defeated from the Crocodile at the Rainbase.

Abreast of basic signing up for brand new Straw Hat Crew, she simply stated she got no place otherwise to go, saying you to Luffy was accountable for her are alive when she had planned to die and that had to just take obligations to possess his very own tips. She rarely titled the girl comrades by-name, and as an alternative labeled them with their vessel-hands titles, such as for instance Miss Navigator (Kokaishi-san, i.age. Nami), Mr. Swordsman (Kenshi-san, we.elizabeth. Zoro), Mr. Much time Nose (Nagahana-kun, we.age. Usopp), etc. She at first just named Luffy and Crocodile of the the brands, although inside the a specialist manner just like the a realtor. She really does, now and then, phone call Luffy “sencho-san” (meaning chief).

Through the years, not, Robin becomes better together with her crewmates, and you may starts to develop a feeling of belonging together, and contains stated that she cares about its really-being than regarding the rest of the world. Immediately following seeing how long they’ll come in acquisition to save this lady, she now phone calls them by the their names. Into the assault into the Enies Reception, she knew she’s got finally discovered the newest family that Saul told you she’d. She’s got and additionally reported that, apart from preserving the lady lifestyle, these were guilty of reviving the woman dream. After the timeskip, Robin feels sure about the girl put in the brand new crew. When Nekomamushi told you he was alarmed that people exactly who planned to look at the pongeglyphs perform become shortly after their, Robin stated she got solid nearest and dearest that would cover the lady.

Monkey D. Luffy

She is pleased so you’re able to Luffy to own acknowledging this lady on their crew, and is alot more diligent with his impulsive identity than just of numerous off the woman fellow crewmates, actually laughing as he impulsively lets members to participate, since the others try surprised (at all, it’s by this she became a good Straw Hat affiliate). And also as Robin sailed and ventured to the crew prolonged, she reach become closer to and you may manage Luffy due to the fact better given that rest of the Straw Hat crew. The woman is together with a whole lot more open-minded off Luffy’s behavior, and this some times also tends to make her laugh. Which happens dating back when they was in fact opposition during the new Arabasta Arc, whenever Luffy fought Crocodile because the “Drinking water Luffy”, sipping a whole barrel from liquid and you will sprinkle it within Crocodile off his mouth area and then make him much more strong. She appeared to took a preference so you’re able to Luffy from their first appointment aboard this new Supposed Merry, in which his committed identification captivated the lady enough to should satisfy your once more. Luffy is actually usually the one person who was able to convince the woman you to she would be to alive even if the globe doesn’t want the girl to, plus if it was the case, the country is their with his crewmates’ opponents also. With techniques, Luffy reminds Robin of the most other D. carrier she befriended. This might also have contributed to the lady 1st demand for him, given that she was aware of his complete name at the very first appointment and you will inquired about it next whenever she rescued your just after his first fight with Crocodile.

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