Please be aware that the go back plan may vary by-product and not all the Items are available for go back

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May 22, 2022
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May 22, 2022

Please be aware that the go back plan may vary by-product and not all the Items are available for go back

Acquisition Procedure

Buy Invited: Each part of any order that you submit to Perpay constitutes an offer to purchase. If you do not receive a message from Perpay confirming receipt of your order, please contact our Customer Service department at before re-entering your order. Perpay’s confirmation of receipt of your order does not constitute Perpay’s acceptance of your order. Perpay is only deemed to have accepted your order once the product(s) you ordered (the “Product(s)”) have been shipped.

Order Items: Perpay reserves the right to deny any order for any reason, including if: (i) we discover an error in pricing and/or other information about the Product or receive insufficient or erroneous payment or shipping information, (ii) we suspect or it otherwise appears an order or associated payment may be connected to fraud, (iii) the Product is unavailable due to discontinuance or otherwise, (iv) you do not meet the eligibility requirements for use of the Services, or (v) you have exceeded your spending limit (vi) you have missed payments or made late payments in the past for a Perpay order.

Yields: Please refer to our Return Policy found at: if you would like to return any Product you purchased through the Services. Please consult our Shipment and Return Policy for further details. Some items age claims must be submitted within 24-48 business hours of delivery, please inspect your order once it has arrived.

Acquisition Cancellation: If any Product is discontinued or otherwise becomes unavailable, Perpay reserves the right to cancel your order and provide you a credit for the amount paid for the Product.

Limitations to your Resale: To protect the intellectual property rights of Perpay and its licensors and suppliers, to the extent permitted by law, any resale of Products for personal and/or business profit is strictly prohibited. Perpay reserves the right to decline any order that we deem to possess characteristics of reselling.

Shipping: All items are prepared for shipment after your payment(s) via payroll direct deposit has been made on your scheduled payday. Risk of loss and title to items purchased from Perpay passes to the purchaser upon our delivery to the shipper.

Clients are unauthorized to improve shipper birth information in almost any way

Depending upon your product or service(s), shipping is produced in several packages and may also feel delivered to the other times. You are going to typically receive a contact with record amounts in this 3-5 business days of your first winning payment through payroll head deposit, with the exception of chairs, mattresses, large Television sets & most other large appliances. These materials are introduced through products shipment and will want beginning are booked along with you truly. Excite become told it will take extended to create tracking on the products beginning situations. Issues shipped thru freight delivery (pick individual tool delivery information), together with every Ashley Seats issues, try not available to watercraft in order to Us territories, Alaska, The state, and Puerto Rico

Delivery surcharges could possibly get apply, but are not limited so you’re able to, short lot sales shipping to help you United states territories, Alaska, Hawaii, and you may Puerto Rico. When the altered, Perpay People (while the discussed here) while the company will not responsible for people losses, allege, liability, or ruin of any kind (“Loss”). This can include, it is not restricted so you’re able to, UPS My personal Possibilities. Your invest in indemnify, guard, and you can hold simple Perpay Activities plus the company off the Loss due to or concerning the changes of your own birth tips.

Perpay uses a 3rd-group provider to possess satisfying commands. By the ordering any Equipment from Attributes, you know one Perpay has no responsibility or liability your delays that may originate from purchases treated by the particularly 3rd-class company.

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