If You’ve Ever Thought About Exactly What Sex With DMX or John Mayer Is Like, Posses We Have The Reddit Bond For Your Family!

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February 8, 2022
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February 8, 2022

If You’ve Ever Thought About Exactly What Sex With DMX or John Mayer Is Like, Posses We Have The Reddit Bond For Your Family!

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it’s prefer to have intercourse with (place title of popular individual right here), there’s a Reddit thread working nowadays that could be of interest to you personally. It asks, simply, “Former groupies, that which was your experiences?” We waded through the thread a picked away multiple that i felt had been one particular amusing/interesting. My personal favorite had been the entryway about John Mayer, whom wants buttholes, evidently. Enjoy…

A female I once had an upon once more, off once more fling with possessed gender with Darius Rucker (hootie from hootie additionally the blowfish). She mentioned he was a fantastic lay, an excellent guy, as well as sang to their each morning as he produced the woman morning meal. Along the way out the guy thanked this lady for being an effective host and stated she got a pleasant quarters.

Buddy of a roommate’s mama banged DMX. we have his amounts from the lady mobile but their responding to device message got just your barking for half a minute.

this chick at my school installed with dependent god when he preformed at our very own 4/20 spring jam festival thing once she woke right up inside the college accommodation he had been gone, there is like 23 dollars and somewhat case of actually shitty grass because of the sleep. entertaining.

I am aware a female who’d sex with Ron White (I understand, best? shudder). She stated, “It is most red” when discussing their dong, but said the guy used her around which includes awesome dank grass along with a fat stash on top of that. I ended up encounter him while I was functioning from the pub the downtown area that We worked at, offered him my amounts because, why the hell not, it is in contrast to I’m ever going to see your once more. The guy texted me personally a little while later claiming he had been looking forward to his airline on airport and asked me to send him naked pictures. I did son’t, but I experienced an enjoyable make fun of about the whole thing.

I’m sure a woman who regularly connect with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback always. Stated they are installed like a horse which kinda pisses me personally off.

A friend of my personal banged Stephen Jenkins, the lead singer of Third eyes Blind. She got front row at a concert at the university she moved to.. He shared with her to come backstage following tv show and chose 2 more arbitrary girls too. After acquiring a closer look at all of them, the guy picked the lady and took this lady back again to their trailer. We read it actually was wet and then he really was fucked up (but what do you expect??) It always just kinda made me squirm exactly how he narrowed down girls, featured em over, and selected his favorite like he had been buying a sweater during the space.

I’ve generated a throwaway because One path lovers terrify me

I’m from NY and was back in chelsea on split from school up north. We went to my personal favorite cupcake shop and ran into Harry kinds. (You don’t will become a 20 yr old us woman without acknowledging the group members of one movement.) I tipped him down your reddish velvet cupcakes comprise the best of the lot making an exit. This shop is on a fairly quiet street (among outdated cobbled people: some of the the happy), therefore I transformed around while I heard “excuse myself.” There was clearly Harry, suggested cupcake available. The guy moved on block with me and there was actually a car awaiting your. I thought seriously about just heading house, but i was confident this is the sort of adventure that doesn’t result double, thus I had gotten in when he granted. We drove around for some time behind tinted screens mentioning casually, and ultimately finished up at his hotel. He had gotten down with a security man that had been sitting right in front chair and advised the drivers to capture me two blocks aside, providing myself information locate his handler inside the lodge. It was genuinely surreal and that I thought he was becoming slightly absurd until I spotted the exact mob of adolescent women at the front end home. We worked my personal ways through audience (no body quit me because I found myselfn’t with Harry.) Interestingly, their slightly vague directions panned out and I ended up within his room. We’d great talks, good sex, and exceptional champagne, at which aim he wanted to set for most element of his job, therefore I going from the resorts outside after dark mob of fans. It had been a truly bizarre skills, and finally personally i think detrimental to him after witnessing most of the fumes and decorative mirrors that moved into a casual day. The guy seemed like an excellent man, and that I expect he’s successful, but We have no desire to have a repeat. I’m a really private individual and am not willing to do the threat of my personal title or image leaking. MODIFY: oh my god the sheer number of cock certain concerns. He had a somewhat bigger than typical (if you ask me, which truly is not big) cock. It had beenn’t sealed in sparkle and it performedn’t smell like sunflowers, simply a pretty typical cock that he place to decent usage.

My personal ex partner and her friend hooked up with members of the Bloodhound group after a tv series in Denver. She continues to have an autographed limit from day. We didnt find out about this until I became currently her boyfriend…and sensed it would be some superficial to split with the girl because of it.

This may see buried, but it’s a humorous tale and ideally anyone will read it. My personal close friend’s ex-girlfriend is actually good friends with a lady which was method into attempting to shag musicians. Like, this was the woman thing, and she had www.besthookupwebsites.net/pl/grindr-recenzja/ been proficient at they. One-night, John Mayer rolled through community during one of is own tours. After their program, stated pal of ex-girlfriend made the woman way back level and have asked to hold down with John. Once more, that is the girl thing and she’s proficient at. Fairly uneventful crap at this point, but apparently eventually during encounter this lady and John started to write out rather seriously. This ultimately cause, into the heat of the moment, John leaning into this girl’s ear canal and whispering, “Let me see your drilling butthole”. Word-for-word, this is (evidently) what was mentioned. I don’t determine if mentioned butthole had been actually demonstrated to Mr. Mayer, but I’d prefer to consider it had been. TL;DR – John Mayer keeps an asshole fetish.

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