I borrowed specific communities to help you Fra Filippo de- Brera, [Footnote thirteen: _Brera_, now _Palazzo delle Scienze ed Arti

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I borrowed specific communities to help you Fra Filippo de- Brera, [Footnote thirteen: _Brera_, now _Palazzo delle Scienze ed Arti

Probably one of the most greatest away from Italian libraries

The publication to your celestial phenomena by Aristoteles, during the Italian [Footnote twenty-five: _Meteora_. Through this Leonardo function no doubt the latest four instructions. The guy need certainly to refer here so you can an excellent MS. interpretation, as the zero Italian translation can was published (discover No. 1477 note).],–

_Libreria di Pavia_. Following profit of Novara inside April 1500, Louis XII had it indicated to help you France, ‘_been trofeo di vittoria_’!] and you may and therefore snacks from Math,–He had a king [learned] in the waterworks and then have your to explain this new repairs and also the can cost you, and you may a beneficial lock and you can a channel and a mill from the Lombard styles.

Ser Piero weil Vinci, Leonardo’s escort in Newport News father, lived right up until 1480, for the a house belonging to Giuliano Gondi

Giuliano Condi,–Tomaso Ridolfi,– Tomaso Paganelli,–Nicolo del Nero,–Simone Zasti,–Nasi,–the fresh new heir off Lionardo Manelli, –Guglielmo di Ser Martino,–Bartolomeo del Tovaglia,–Andrea Arrigucci,– Nicolo Capponi,–Giovanni Portinari.

[Footnote: We. _Guiliano Gondi_. During the 1498 it was pulled down and come up with room towards the okay Palazzo built on new Piazza San Firenze from the Giuliano di San Gallo, and therefore however can be found. On _Riassunto del Catasto di Ser Piero da Vinci_, 1480, Leonardo is not stated; it’s apparent thus that he is actually way of life somewhere else. It may be observed by the way you to definitely regarding the _Catasto di Giuliano Gondi_ of the same 12 months the second explore features their four oldest sons:

_Lionardo mio figliuolo d’eta d’anni 30, low fa nulla, Giovambatista d’eta d’anni twenty eight inside Ghostantinopoli, Billichozo d’eta d’anni 24 good Napoli, Simone d’eta d’anni 23 from inside the Ungheria._

The guy himself try a merchant regarding silver filigree (_facciamo lavorare la bottegha d’arte di seta . facciamo us pocho di trafico a good Napoli_>. When he was 59 years old within the 1480, the guy indeed have no come alive in the course of Leonardo’s dying. But Leonardo must have become toward intimate conditions with the loved ones before stop from their lifestyle, to own in a letter dated boise, declares Leonardo’s dying in order to Giuliano weil Vinci at Florence (look for p. 284), according to him in the bottom “_Datemene risposta per i Gondi_” (see UZIELLI, _Ricerche_, passim).

[Footnote: Into the July 1506 Pope Julius II offered Donna Lucrezia della Rovere, the newest daughter off his brother Lucchina, in marriage into youthful Marcantonio Colonna, just who, including his brothers Prospero and you will Fabrizio, turned perhaps one of the most greatest Captains from his friends. He gave to him Frascati making him something special away from brand new palazzo he previously founded, when Cardinal, near the church off Santi Apostoli which is now-known because the brand new Palazzo Colonna (discover GREGOROVIUS, _Gesch. der Stadt Rom._ Vol. VIII, guide XIV We, step three. And you will COPPI, _Mem. Colonnesi_ p. 251).]

A package, a crate,– A rectangular, to make the bird [Footnote dos: Vasari claims one Leonardo developed mechanical wild birds and this gone from the airpare Zero. 703.],– Pandolfino’s book, mortar [?],– Brief blades, Venieri towards

[Footnote 16: _Pier di Cosimo_ this new notorious Florentine painter 1462-1521. Find VASARI, _Vite_ (Vol. IV, p. 134 ed. Sansoni 1880) throughout the Leonardo’s effect on Piero di Cosimo’s brand of decorate.]

Filippo and you will Lorenzo [Footnote 17: _Filippo e Lorenzo_; probably the painters Filippino Lippi and you will Lorenzo di Credi. L. di Credi’s images and you will Vasari’s reputation of one painter incur reasonable evidence so you’re able to his sexual connections having Leonardo.],–A leader-,– Glasses,–to do the fresh new. once again,–Tomaso’s publication,–Michelagnolo’s strings,–New multiplication regarding origins,–Of bend and you will strinch,–New chart of the globe out-of Benci,– Clothes,–The newest clothing in the customized-home officier,–Cordova leather,–Sector books, –seas from Cronaca,–oceans regarding Tanaglino. –the brand new caps,–Rosso’s echo; observe your create,–1/3 from which We have 5/6,–to your celestial phenomena, by Aristotle [Footnote 36: _Meteora_. Get a hold of No. 1448, twenty five.],–packets away from Lorenzo di Dock Francesco [Footnote 37: _Lorenzo di Dock Francesco_ along with his sister _Giovanni_ was in fact a horizontal part of your _Medici_ family unit members and altered its name regarding out-of Popolani.],–Maestro Piero of Borgo,–To own my personal book sure,–Show the book to Serigatto,– and have the newest code of your own time clock [Footnote 41: Possibly which refers to the time clock to your tower of your Palazzo Vecchio in the Florence. Into the March 1512 it was repaired, and so install on mean new instances following French manner (12 era a beneficial. meters. so that as of numerous p. m.).],– ring,–nutmeg,–nicotine gum,–the square,–Giovan’ Batista on piazza, de’ Mozzi,–Giovanni Benci keeps my book and you may jaspers,–steel towards the sunglasses.

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