Gerber Suspension Multitool

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July 7, 2022
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The manufacturer kept silent about steel Sheath material: ballistic nylon The design is quite strong, and although there are certain backlashes, I think that they are within the acceptable range. — Straight blade knife — Saw, scissors

Gerber Suspension Multitool

I didn’t write off the seller, I just ordered, paid via paypal and received it in the mail three weeks later. A small review of the multitool from Gerber.
The sharpening on the new one was so-so – the burr was not completely removed As for tools, IMHO, it’s best to start with pliers, since a multi-tool is primarily pliers, to which additional tools have been added. ORDER Weight: 255g The handles are spring loaded and are comfortable. Small, thickly flattened – the thickness of the butt is 2.2 mm, the convergence is 1 mm, the length of Pk is approximately 4.5 cm. 1.JPG” /”> Tools: This copy is not new, it is a little over a year old, but the operation was not intensive.
Due to the specifics, the designers had to compromise to combine ergonomics with the need to cram additional tools into the handles. Gerber is no exception. — Serrated blade knife IMPRESSIONS The overall impression of the quality of materials and assembly is favorable.
In this part, the multitool is very good, it can perform almost all the functions of ordinary pliers, except for the fact that, due to the lack of insulation on the handles, you should not go into electrical work with the multitool. Copied from a Russian-language store that sells such a multitool. — Wire cutters Folded length: 8.9 cm It’s hard to call this a normal knife. SPECIFICATIONS Plane knife. Handle material: stainless steel — Can opener Total length: 15.2 cm — Large and medium flat screwdrivers It will do to open the parcel or strip the insulation, but it is difficult for them to do anything more. There were no problems with the order and delivery. — Large Phillips screwdriver
I couldn’t find any reviews of this multi-tool on the Musk. It turned out pretty well, in general, the handles are quite comfortable. It looks, in my opinion, nice, you can’t call the design dull, it doesn’t give the impression of cheap stuff. In general, multitools have recently been popular and widespread, and although the mention of multitools immediately creates an associative link with Leatherman, other companies have also noted in the field of creating multitools. — Thin nose pliers The coating on the handles has not worn off, and it looks nice. Parameters: — Bottle opener

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