Fabulous holidays in Bulgaria

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Fabulous holidays in Bulgaria

Due to the fact that Bulgaria is not far away, you can get to it using the budget option, that is, by bus. However, this trip will still be quite long and exhausting. It will be much more comfortable and quick to get there by plane, but this pleasure also costs more.

Usually, the cost of tourists does not stop, and for the most part they choose the second option.

Both regular and charter flights fly to Bulgaria. There are usually regular flights to three destinations: Sofia, Burgas and Varna. The advantages of regular flights are that the flights are strictly on schedule, usually there are no changes in flights, except for force majeure situations, such as unsuitable climatic conditions. Compared to charter flights, regular flights are more comfortable.

However, the prices for regular flights are higher.

In addition to regular flights, charter flights https://hata.ug/wakiso/42-single-room-for-rent also fly to Plovdiv. For charters, it often turns out to get very cheap "last minute" tickets. Basically, these are direct flights without transfers. Naturally, there are also disadvantages.

For example, charter flights rarely https://hata.ug/wakiso/42-single-room-for-rent occur strictly on schedule. Tourists may be informed about flight changes with a delay. Even the type of aircraft may change.

Check-in for the flight starts two hours and ends forty minutes before departure. Luggage weighing no salgen.it more than five kilograms per person is allowed on board. It takes about three hours to fly from Moscow to Sofia. It takes a little longer to fly to Varna and Burgas, about three hours and twenty minutes.

Much depends on air currents, weather conditions and other things.

The weather in Bulgaria
The temperate continental climate of Bulgaria is divided into four distinct seasons. It can be quite hot in summer and very cold in winter. tourists prefer to visit Bulgaria from June to September. However, the summer months are the most suitable for swimming, when the water in the Black Sea warms up to twenty-five degrees.

Swimming in the sea, of course, will not work, but it’s great to celebrate the New Year holidays. The time is perfect for a trip to the ski resorts. The temperature is kept in the range from 1 to 6 C. It is usually quite snowy.

Cool winds and high humidity accompany the whole winter.

The most snowfalls, especially in the mountains, occur in February. The minimum temperature drops to -7 C, and the maximum rises to 10 C. The water in the sea is calm, its temperature is about 5 C.

The ski season is still going on, but the awakening of nature is also felt. The temperature fluctuates from -1 C to 9 C. There are quite a few sunny days, but the weather can surprise.

This month is still not hot, but there are no more severe colds. The air temperature rises to 15 C, and the water warms up to 17 C. But, of course, you should not swim yet.

The onset of May marks the final awakening of nature. The air warms up to 20 C. The disadvantage of this month is frequent rains.

The swimming season finally starts this month. However, you should not expect too warm water. The air temperature warms up to 25 C, and the water – up to 23 C. There are also rains, but they usually do not last more than a couple of days.

During this period the weather is most favorable. Tourists feel most comfortable. During the day it usually reaches 27 C, in the evening – not lower than 23 C. And the water warms up to 25 C. Usually there is very little precipitation.

The air and water are as warm as in July. There are not fewer tourists, but rather even more.

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