But long story short, I started experiencing stomach pain from the first days

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May 3, 2022
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May 3, 2022

But long story short, I started experiencing stomach pain from the first days

Now, regarding Folexin it has a slightly better formula

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Despite the pain I continued to take the meds, because they cost me a lot so I didn’t want to give them up. Within a few weeks I noticed my hair was getting thicker and also growing more than usual. But I was constantly in pain and would sometimes experience diarrhea.

I gave Nutrafol a break for 1 week and the pain disappeared. I still had one unopened bottle so started taking it once again, but my problems came back. I have no decided to quit it forever, as my health and well-being are more important. But I’m still looking for solutions.

That’s why there’s no point buying 3 bottles from the start, though the price is better

Do you think Folexin could help me at this age? I’m attracted by the fact that it’s so much cheaper, but it contains something very similar with Nutrafol. Is there any chance that I get the same reactions?

Since it was your specialist recommending Nutrafol, I assume he considered all possible interactions with the drugs you were already taking. Because these interactions were the first things coming into my mind (as a possible explanation for your side effects).

Anyway I would recommend you to stop taking Nutrafol. You’re right, your health is more important now especially when there are so many other products on the market.

You can try to contact their customer service and ask for a refund. But I doubt they will agree, especially if your bottle is opened.

But my advice would be to order just 1 bottle. In this way, you can see if it causes you the same side effects or not. I don’t think it has a money back guarantee, so…

If you experience the same problems, please let me know. My opinion is that your problem are interactions (the fact that you’re also taking other drugs). So if you get the same side effects with Folexin, that’s probably the reason.

Hi I want to buy Nutrafol but they don’t want send in Iceland, what can I buy to supply this? I have hair loss and want grow my hair back again. Everything I buy from another country costs me very much because I have to pay another tax when it arrives in my country. I want something like Nutrafol that costs little so I don’t have many country taxes…this is too expensive for me.

Hi Olafur, I totally understand what you mean. I know many products don’t ship outside the US and if they do, they cost way more than usual, due https://hookupdate.net/plenty-of-fish-review/ to custom taxes that add. So for a $20 product you may end up paying an extra $30 in the custom. That’s more than the product itself, but it happens many times.

I can actually recommend you the supplement I use, which happens to ship in Iceland. It’s called Folexin and it costs so little (compared to most products) around $24 per bottle, but you can buy it with $18 if you buy more bottles together. I actually recommend you to do that, because it’s much cheaper overall.

This shipping costs around $4 in the US, but it’s pricier outside (around $14 I believe). But even so, it’s a decent price for a shipping outside US.

Now I can’t guarantee that you won’t pay any other taxes, because that depends from country to country. And I don’t live in Iceland so I can’t tell. But considering you’re paying for the shipping, they might not request you anything in the custom.

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