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The bottom sheet of the case is at the same time a place for installing a 2.5” hard drive, and works as a heat sink for it. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 605 has low power consumption, but the performance is only enough for office tasks, which is not enough for modern games. Review of a mini computer that will replace my old home PC. The case, except for the top cover, is made of aluminum. Type: Mini PC The heart of the computer is the central processor, here it is from the eminent Intel, the Silver J5005 model from the new Gemini Lake line. On the left, only ventilation holes: The LED in the power button is bright, in Chinese, blue: Power Consumption.: 10W Max System Bit: 64Bit Product weight: 0.3080 kg I just put the computer on the table: Also, it supports up to three displays via DP 1.2a/eDP 1.3 or HDMI 2.0a.
But in my version, they were glued with real glue (not thermal), and I tore one off the board antenna. 4x USB 3.0 Good afternoon, dear readers.
The front panel also has a pair of USB 3.0 ports and a combined 3.5 mm speaker/microphone or headphone jack next to them with a headset (sound on Realtek ALC269).
Screwed there vesa mount. mSATA: 128GB SSD Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0 It operates at a frequency of 1.50 GHz and is characterized by a TDP of 10 watts. It was WIFI, now my computer has lost this interface. The top cover is made of glossy plastic, which perfectly collects fingerprints. RJ45 Port Speed: 1000Mbps
As I already said, you can immediately install a 2.5 hard drive on the bottom of the case "with a SATA 6 Gb/s interface, Extended Capacity: TF card up to 64GB To pull the board out of the case, you need to pull out the WIFI and Bluetooth antennas: The processor is specially designed for mini systems with low power consumption.
There are a lot of settings, and not knowing, it’s better not to change anything, so as not to end up breathless brick. RAM Type: DDR4 Disassembly of the device
Do you often change or upgrade your computer? The last time I did something like this was in 2011.
Venti Lator 5 V, 0.2 A stands in a snail like in laptops, it has three rotation speeds depending on the temperature of the processor (maximum 3800 rpm). Intel Pentium J5005/8 GB RAM/128 GB SSD

Yes, and kirich described everything perfectly in the X45 review, it’s the same here.
the battery (it answers only for hours), an SSD drive (under it, by the way, an additional mPCIe expansion slot) and wireless communication on the Intel Wireless-AC 3165 chip. The design of the computer case is strict, I would even say utilitarian: I didn’t remove the copper heatsink any further, it was also very tightly glued there (the torn-off antenna was enough for me):
BIOS and Windows Well, this is how disassembly is done according to paragraph 18, well, okay, I have internet via cable. ROM: 128G ROM The TDP of the entire chip (Pentium Silver N5000) is 6W, which is why the GPU is used in thin laptops with passive cooling. Remember 2011? Then 100 W incandescent lamps were banned and summer time was canceled, it was a long time ago. WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n/ac Max. GPU: Intel HD Graphics 605
On the right, an unsigned micro SD card slot:
SM2246XT controller connection interface mSATA. CPU: Intel Gemini Lake Pentium J5005

Beelink Gemini X55 mini computer. Top
I decided to replace the bulky and noisy box with a mini computer. My old computer: Rich ports on the back: I chose this model after a review by the respected kirich on the younger model Beelink Gemini X45. Appearance Due to the lack of dedicated graphics memory or eDRAM cache, the graphics card accesses the main memory through the processor (2×64 bit DDR4/LPDDR4-2400).
Beelink X55 Up
Dimensions: 115x102x43 mm. 128 GB OEM SSD: />TopSpecifications This entails a drop in performance under long-term loads, the processor and video are forced to slow down to 6 watts. HDMI Version: 2.0 Its performance is comparable to a modern smartphone, and even began to make noise, as if demons had moved into it. The antennas of the wireless interfaces are glued to the top cover of the case. Computer weight: Well, the manufacturers themselves cut and corrected themselves, on September 30 they posted a UEFI update for the Gemini line. This processor is equal in performance to the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (sometimes popular) with an order of magnitude lower power consumption, these are modern technologies. In this computer, the low-level software for booting the operating system is called UEFI. This is how the cover and the active cooling system look like: A mini computer at home will suit me just fine. Product size (L x W x H): 11.50 x 10.20 x 4.30 cm
Small rubber feet on the bottom:
What else is interesting under the hood: I don’t play games, I don’t have time.
When hung behind the monitor, the power button will look up. And my computer is the same. At home, my computer performs frail office tasks and the Internet, where without it. It can decorate H.265/HEVC (8b and 10b) and VP9 at the hardware level. RAM: 8G RAM An unusual review for me. And most importantly, the cooling system is thoughtful, quiet and easily copes with the dissipation of 10 watts. Disassembly is not tricky, unscrew four screws, pry off the bottom cover:
75 and 100 mm VESA mount (plate thickness 1 mm): On the Beelink forum, the developers published their bug in the UEFI Gemini X55 (and apparently in the younger X45 model), the bottom line is this: The Pentium J5005 processor was artificially throttled from 10W to 6W like the N4100. which I did, taking it from my last computer: I did not hang up, I have a monitor stand attached there. Core: 1.5GHz,Quad Core
A pair of USB 3.0 vertically, an Ethernet port, two HDMI outputs for a monitor, a typical 5.5 x 2.1 mm power jack and a security cable lock if the computer stands in a public place. When you turn on the computer, the Beelink logo is displayed on a black background, as well as how to enter UEFI (Esc or Del). UHD Graphics 605 has the same performance as the Intel HD Graphics 505 in Apollo Lake SoC, so this graphics adapter is suitable for games like Dirt Rally or Sims 4. made a dream come true discount for reviewing a computer, so point 18, where without it.
UEFI is a newer solution than BIOS, it supports larger hard drives, it boots faster, it’s more secure – and, very conveniently, it has a graphical interface and mouse support.
My monitor is not new (but I like it), I needed a simple DVI-HDMI adapter to connect it. 2xHDMI

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