About Us

Welcome to Pharma Pure,

Pharma pure is a Contract Cosmetics Manufacturer that has exclusively served the cosmetic industry, We were established in 2009 in Lebanon and launched in Lebanon market. Pharmapure owns two cosmetic manufacturing plants in Lebanon. Our research and development department enables us to offer our clients with effective bespoke solutions for their makeup ranges. Our products, including color cosmetics, packaging, makeup brushes and accessories, We succeeded in several fields and then expanded to reach the African market and the Middle East and we reached Our product to the highest quality to conform to the customer specifications of form & shape and design, what the customer likes and the best prices.

Pharmapure Formula is a leading Private Label Cosmetics Manufacturer. A private label project is launched in order to meet the business request from start-up or small business. There is no requirement on minimum order quantity for private label line. The process of developing private product line is simplified and quick. We will enthusiastically meet the challenge of your needs, no matter what size or demand. The project is best suited for spa & salon owners, online shop owners, freelance makeup artists and beauty entrepreneurs who want to expand product offerings and retail services to include a makeup line.